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Slot machine play

Play equipment Mechanism that has the characteristics of an electric table Which the organizer of the play can modify Can be modified or customized

How to play

Coin operated and press the button Rock the levers or twist the mechanism in order for the device to start working, players must gamble to force the machine to work at the right timing to get the Pok. (Points or points set)

When he batted, the coin would come out periodically. The organizer of the play determines the money that is out of the mechanism. Considered as the property of Players who gamble

Playing Bakara

Play equipment Use not less than 2 playing cards.
How to play

Clear cards or swap cards And distributed around 2 circles for each leg. The calling card can be called no more than 1 card. If counting over 10, 20 or 30 points, deduct the whole number

How much is the remaining points? For example, 13 points. When deducting the whole number, 3 points are left.

For example, if 10 or 20 points are sufficient, it is considered that there are no points.

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